Fuza end of year update


This year, being the first year of Fuza’s operation, has seen a lot of change. Especially as December marks not only the end of the calendar year, but also Fuza’s financial year, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the past course and future direction. Some key features of this year:

  • Guy starting work full time
    • Fulfilling 3 successful contracts, delivering great value
    • Being happier overall, running and cycling more than ever
    • Maintained resilience in tougher times, where it was compelling to take an “easier” course
    • Continued to act in the interest of customers over Fuza, despite commercial pressures
    • Turned a respectable profit, enough to confirm Fuza as a good idea
  • Built, and was able to spend time maintaining, excellent relationships
  • Ticked some things off my bucket list:
    • Visited the battlefield at Austerlitz
    • Built a PC
  • Learned lots. The key things that come to mind are:
    • The importance of maintaining a work pipeline
    • The difficulty of engaging small businesses with the benefit of mathematics

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support, particularly those of you who have given me your time to provide contacts, feedback and even contracts. You have all really helped: not just to have the courage to take the plunge, but to make this year fulfilling.


In the coming year, I am intending to refocus Fuza around the mathematics and science of agile, and establishing the groundwork for success in that area. This includes topics such as Lean, data driven decisions (especially regarding decisions around people), and the thoughtful application of neuroscience and psychology directly to agile toolkits.

  • In January, Fuza will be continuing the exciting work as part of a contract with Tesco Supply Chain.
  • From February, Guy will be joining the team at Waters in Wilmslow, in an agile evangelist capacity. As part of this, he’ll be getting out and about in the agile community in Manchester.
  • Alongside this, Guy will be continuing his commitments as a Councillor of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. Highlights are expected to include helping to organise the IMA Strategy Review, and stepping up to write Council Reflections for Mathematics Today.
  • Finally, the personal side of these decisions will inevitably bring some substantial changes, not least the move of my business (and my family) to Manchester in February. I also hope to be ticking more things off my bucket list..!

Thank you all for your continued support and I look forward to sharing more of this journey with you!