Guy Marshall

Mathematician, Agilist and Systems thinker

Guy is finalising his PhD in Computer Science from University of Manchester, holds an MSc in Theoretical Physics from Kings College London, an MA in Mathematics from University of Cambridge, and is a Chartered Mathematician. He has over 10 years experience in managing people and delivery of software systems, especially data-centric and machine learning systems.

Guy does things he finds interesting, which usually involve data, systems thinking, and people. Where research is beneficial to support decisions, he often uses mixed methods, gathering quantitative and qualitative data to gain unusual insights. A good example of this is his involvement in creating better AI diagrams.

Based in Manchester (UK), he has lived in Poland, India and Iceland, and collaborated with teams located internationally. He is married with two boys, and can often be found in mountainous environments.

Hiking Borrowdale Corridor, Jan 2022


  • Tesco Technology Leadership Graduate Scheme alumni, amongst many things delivering a ML-based non-food preseason forecasting system, for products with no sales history. Leading teams in the UK and India
  • Ocado Technology’s first focused agile practitioner, resulting in a full international agile transformation and management coaching capability
  • 5 years independent consulting in data-driven agile transformation, in Iceland and Poland, supporting SMEs and multinationals (e.g. Thales, William Hill)
  • Charitable contributions: Trustee and committee chair of the Institute of Mathematics and it’s Applications (2013-2018), Council Member and Webmaster for Manchester Statistical Society (2017-present), and “IT guy” for several other small charities
  • Mouton D’Or Winner 2021 for Measuring diagram quality through semiotic morphisms; Theoretical Physics Prize winner for top result at KCL
  • Provided COVID scientific advice to UK government through SPI-M and SAGE


Test Trace & Isolate for Epidemic Control V-KEMS Report
February 2022

Public involvement in pandemic modelling: a qualitative study of Test, Trace and Isolate practices in the UK and implications for modelling
January 2022

Scholarly AI system diagrams as an access point to mental models
April 2021

Diagrams conference, 2022

Why Scholars Are Diagramming Neural Network Models

IWCS, 2021
Switching Contexts: Transportability Measures for NLP

Diagrams conference, 2021
Structuralist analysis for neural network system diagrams

Diagrams conference, 2021
Understanding scholarly Natural Language Processing system diagrams through application of VisDNA

Diagrams conference, 2021
Number and quality of diagrams in scholarly publications is associated with number of citations

Beyond static papers: Rethinking how we share scientific understanding in ML-ICLR 2021 workshop
Diagrammatic summaries for neural architectures

Semiotica Journal, 2021
Measuring diagram quality through semiotic morphisms

Manchester Statistical Society, 2021
Modelling COVID-19

Agile Manchester, 2019
How to make multicultural agility work
Manchester, UK

BookingGo Go Innovate, 2018
Motivation for successful teams
Manchester, UK

YouTube presentations


Guy always makes time for side collaborations and talks. If you want to chat about systems, innovation, data-driven decisions, hiking, or anything else, please reach out.

University of Manchester
PorthouseDean Ltd
Manchester Statistical Society
Institute of Mathematics