Data-driven Agile Consulting

I live and breath agile culture change and data.

Organisational design // Outcome focus // Data-driven culture change

Frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban give some great ideas about how to behave in this way, and our experience has seen that companies often struggle to force these frameworks in. This isn’t surprising, as we can model companies as complex adaptive systems, which means changes can produce unpredictable outcomes. Instead, I’ve found it more effective to do the right thing for each individual, team, business, or industry, rather than attempt to follow a cookie-cutter.

I’ve seen that by applying neuroscience and psychology, we can get much better outcomes through existing cultural change agents. Wherever possible as part of our consulting, we like to help existing agile-minded staff to improve their own effectiveness, often through agile evaluation.

I help discover data around their people and process, and other things that matter, so that we can make insightful changes (following psychological theory, we often call these “interventions”) about how work is done. I like to frame these as “hypotheses”, keep people engaged with the experiments, and share outcomes, even if they don’t achieve what was perhaps expected. A “learning is good” attitude must be encouraged for effective kaizen.

Often, I find that by finding creative, engaging and relatable ways to bring data and mathematics into key decisions around business, we get surprising and insightful results. I have the joy to engage with some awesome customers.

If this sounds interesting, please read some of our examples, and contact Guy if you’d like to learn more.