Guy Marshall studied Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, specialising in General Relativity. He continued his studies at Kings College London, obtaining an MSc in Theoretical Physics, completing a prize-winning dissertation on m-branes (a unification of String Theory). Being the youngest ever Chartered Mathematician, and since January 2016 a Trustee of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, Guy is committed to improving the utilisation of mathematical skills in unusual places.

At the start of his software career, Guy saw first hand the failures of waterfall projects, and quickly moved into agile development. Since 2010, he has held roles including Analyst, Product Owner, Data Scientist, Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Organisational Change Catalyst. He’s worked in startups and multinationals, unregulated and regulated firms, UK and non-UK (Iceland, Poland, India), so he brings a variety of experience useful for tackling complex problems. You can see his bio on Linkedin. The key differentiator for Guy is not just his experience, but his application of mathematical techniques to help improve things in those spaces.

Guy set up Fuza to forge his own path. He enjoys using data, mathematics and scientific method to understand and improve things that matter. We’ll detail more of these as time progresses… As an example from outside of the norm, the main side-project he’s working on right now is “Data Driven Hiking”.

The long-term aspiration of Fuza is to be able to help more people, including mathematics students, find fulfillment in their data-driven work. Fuza associates (below) help with this.